Trends in Residential Design

rectangle-4220-1666085935This course will cover the latest trends in residential design and how to incorporate these features and functionalities into your home. The course will also provide product solutions for each trend to help you incorporate them into your design plans. The course focuses on a range of popular trends and concepts, including black as an accent color, open floor plans, and healthy, comfortable, multifunctional spaces.

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless glass doors are a great option for interior doors, as they don't require painting or staining, and they are easy to clean. A glass cleaning liquid and a soft cloth will do the trick. In addition, frameless glass doors can be coated or laminated for added durability and privacy. These doors also provide extra natural light.

Installation of frameless glass doors is a bit more time-consuming than installing a traditional framed door. They must be installed with special drill bits that are precisely level in order to prevent the heavy glass from sagging. Then, a layer of heavy silicone caulk is applied to seal the glass against the wall.

The other major benefit of Patio Sliding Door is that they require less maintenance. Because they don't have any hardware, metal or rubber seals, you won't need to worry about mold growth or rust. This means they will stay looking beautiful for years. Despite these advantages, frameless glass doors are more expensive than framed glass doors.

Open floor plans

Open floor plans are popular in residential design. They reflect changes in lifestyle and space requirements. Open floor plans allow people to move freely through their home. They allow the whole family to interact with each other. After World War II, these plans became very popular among young families with kids. They made it easier to change the space as the family grew, and allowed parents to keep a close eye on their kids.

Despite the popularity of open floor plans, they do have their drawbacks. In addition to creating visual noise, open floor plans can be overcrowded. Keeping a family's needs in mind will help you decide whether an open floor plan is right for your home. Fortunately, there are several reasons why open floor plans can be a good choice.

Open floor plans also allow natural light to reach more rooms. For example, an open kitchen or dining room can receive afternoon sun, creating a scenic background for the meal. However, the amount of natural light you can use depends on the orientation of your home. Make sure you plan your home's orientation carefully, considering the views and which rooms will receive morning or afternoon sun.

Healthy, comfortable, multifunctional spaces

Multifunctional design is the process of making a space or item that has multiple uses. One example of a multifunctional design is a kitchen with a dining area. This can make a small room seem more spacious. Another example is a space that serves as a dining table and a work space.

A new trend in residential design focuses on creating multifunctional spaces. The desire for multifunctional spaces has increased over the past year. However, creating a home office or a fitness studio from existing space is not an easy task. The experts at Baer's Furniture provide some tips to help you design such a space.

Pandemic impact on residential design

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has seriously endangered the health and lives of Chinese residents and has resulted in the need for new housing and development strategies. To address these new housing needs, this study will identify design strategies for China's multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) in the post-pandemic era. The study will also examine user preferences for these design strategies.


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