Double -Opening Window Or A Single Window Which One Should You Choose

double-opening-or-single-window-which-should-you-choose-1680509108These are two-winged window installations that may be opened to huge spaces without obstructing the view, both wings open to the right and left, respectively. The passive wing is the one that closes well before wings and subsequently opens and aluminium side hung window models are also available.
Before buying a window, of course, you know that you have to stop by Elitetec. We design many models for you that suit your needs and taste. Of course, we are in the market with the safest products, using the highest quality materials. We do our best so that you can build your home safely and live comfortably in it. 

You Need To Determine Your Needs Before Making A Decision

Both models have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should decide which model to choose for which room. Maybe every room in your house has different needs. Diversity and safety are very important to you. As Elitetec, we have designed many robust models that you can easily choose. We produce designs that you can use and rely on for many years while also making your life easier with various opening features. In our double turning models, we give you a lot of conveniences. 
This model makes it possible to operate your windows safely. Its design includes all the safety features you are searching for, especially in windows meant for usage by young children and the elderly. It is a system that, with its second movement, opens horizontally. The top opening characteristic of the tilt opening window allows for air of the house without any of the direct entry of wind.

Examine Elitetec Window Models Carefully

Here is a great opportunity for those who want to build their home with unique designs special for you. Let's give examples of each window model. Our models with single opening windows can be closed and opened using the wings' vertical hinges on the right or left. 
It works well in locations with a small application surface. Although it is difficult to evaluate the space in narrow spaces, here is the solution. For this window model, we have many single opening windows that we produce to make the space you choose most efficient. Using customizable patterns and colors, it is possible to achieve visual harmony. The model is the simplest to use and apply. It is a model that will be very useful for those who want to be more functional and those who seek practicality and convenience.
Of course, you want your large areas to look more airy and have a stylish design. We also have suggestions for such places. Our Tilt and Turn Window models include additional advantages in addition to single opening windows, making them a popular choice. By tilting the upper portion of the sash inwards to the option of double opening accessories, they may be opened exactly like doors and also serve the purpose of readily ventilation your interiors. It works best in locations with a large application surface. Although though it can look like a complicated application, you can control both operations with a single lever, so it is not. Check out the side hung window model and let's decide together which one is suitable for your home.

Criteria You Should Not Forget When Choosing Glass And Window

Privacy glass is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms because it allows light into the space while maintaining seclusion. Thermal insulation is very important in terms of not losing energy. Whether the area you live in is small or large, you have to think about your bills. We all know the benefits of heat insulated glasses to nature and the environment. Glass accounts for 90% of heat loss via windows, making glass selection for doors and windows crucial. Tempered glass, which is stronger and more extremely durable than regular glass, is crucial for safety.

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