Mosquito Screens

Pesky mosquitos are among the most irritating visitors one can have. When they find an open window or a door ajar, these insects make their way into living spaces and cause sleepless nights. Yet, with Elitetec's superior mosquito screens, you can say goodbye to mosquitos and their irritating bites.

Meticulously designed and carefully crafted, Elitetec's mosquito screens are among the most popular protective solutions. They'll keep mosquitos away from your living space while maintaining the beauty and aesthetic of your home. With our mosquite net screens, you'll be able to enjoy the tranquillity of your own home without their disturbing buzzing next to your ear.

Mosquito Screens Models

Mosquito screens come in various models and types. Since each type is suitable for a different door or window type, you should carefully choose the ideal mosquite net for windows screens.
Some of the mosquito screen models are as follows:


For doors: Our mosquito screens for doors are designed specially to fit different sizes of door frames. Thanks to our well-crafted mosquito doors screens, you can enjoy the comfort of your home. You can ventilate your home whenever you want and leave the house without worrying about mosquitos by installing mosquito screens for doors.

For windows: Mosquito screens for windows are the second most popular product our customers prefer. Once you install mosquito screens for windows, you can leave your windows to let fresh air in while keeping mosquitos away. Plus, you don't have to worry about mosquito screens for windows to ruin your scenery. Thanks to our meticulous approach to home solutions, our mosquito screens for windows don't obstruct your view and maintain the beauty of your home.

For retractable awnings: Retractable awnings are preferred by homeowners due to their convenience and functionality. However, if you live in an area with mosquito presence, spending time outdoors or with an open roof might become an ordeal. That's where our retractable awnings with mosquito screens enter the picture. Our mosquito screens will keep any insect away from your living space and allow you to rest easy.

For patio: A tiny patio might be the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. However, disturbing mosquitos might be a threat to your patio time. Therefore, you can always go with mosquito screens for patio. These screens are easy to install and adjustable to your preferences.

Custom-made: If you want to cover a specific area or vent in your home, custom made mosquito screens might be the ideal option. This type of mosquito screen is usually manufactured upon customer order. Although these mosquito screen types are a tad costlier than regular ones, they fit better in the customers' homes and living spaces.

Mosquito Screens in South Africa

Mosquitos are a vital problem in South Africa. As they're present in almost every corner, you should find the ideal window mosquito screens to protect yourself and your loved ones from these disturbing insects. Nevertheless, if you're looking for "the best mosquito screens near me," you're at the right place.

As a company based in South Africa, we know how to develop quality mosquito window screens South Africa. Our highly protective products will keep mosquitos and other insects away from your home. You can equip your windows with mosquito screens today and have restful nights without mosquite net mozambique buzzes.

Mosquito Screens Prices

Before choosing mosquito screens for your home, consider your budget and various screen types. Since mosquito screens come in different forms and shapes, their prices vary depending on their sizes, features, materials, and manufacturers.

Therefore, providing a fixed pricing for mosquito screens isn't possible. Yet, at Elitetec, we aim to provide you with the highest quality products at affordable prices. As our extensive collection of mosquito screens includes many products, you can easily find a suitable option for your budget.

If you're looking for "mosquito screens near me," Elitetec is always here to provide you with quality solutions. You can contact us to learn more about our products and get pricing information.

Mosquito Screens Designs

Design is a key criterion in picking the right product. The ideal mosquito screen should have a convenient and well-designed structure to provide the protection you deserve.
Elitetec's superior mosquito screen design can be summarised in three key points:

  • Quality material: The use of quality material is what we are proud of. When we develop our mosquito screens, we employ the finest material to ensure enhanced durability and aesthetics. Our products offer prime protection and endurance, from frames to the mesh we use.
  • Convenient design: We constantly try to develop better designs for our mosquito screens. Our professional research and development team carries out continuous projects to produce the most utile design. The convenient design of our mosquito screens allows you to spend quality time in your living spaces. Thanks to the high protection they offer, our screens don't let mosquitos and other insects into your home.
  • Customised for you: Since customisation is significant for equipping their homes with the right mosquito screen design, we allow our customers to configure our insect screens freely. We tailor our screens to fit your home in accordance with the sizes and shapes of your doors, windows and other areas.

What Are the Advantages of Mosquito Screens?

  • Mosquito window screens South Africa come with various advantages and benefits. Here are some of the main advantages:
  • Elitetec's mosquito screens keep mosquitos and other insects away, offering you a comfortable living space.
  • Thanks to their advanced mechanism, mosquito screens operate seamlessly.
  • Mosquito screens by Elitetec boast affordable prices and high cost-efficiency.
  • The integrability of mosquito screens is another significant advantage, allowing you to use them in any door, window or home system.

Elitetec's mosquito screens come with a sleek and elegant design, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.
With our extensive collection of products, from glass balustrade to frameless shower door options, you can equip your home with the highest quality solutions. If you're looking for "mosquito screens near me," our mosquito window screens South Africa are the way to go. Contact us for more information.

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