European Aluminium Windows

With their elegant design and advanced functionality, European windows have been among the most popular home solutions for many years. Those who want to add an unmatched aesthetic to their homes can always go with the best European aluminium systems by Elitetec. 

European Aluminium Windows Models

It's true that European aluminium systems are known for their sleek appearance and practicality. As a category, the European aluminium windows system includes a vast array of designs and models that fit almost any home. Nevertheless, the main characteristic of European windows is their tilt and turn system.

In most parts of continental Europe, tilt-and-turn windows are among the most preferred window systems. While their easy-to-use design is the primary reason people use them, the chic design is also a significant factor. 

But how do European tilt-and-turn windows work? Here are some of the main characteristics of the European aluminium windows system:

  • Tilt-and-turn windows have a simple mechanism controlled by a single handle.
  • This window type has three unique functions, each activated by turning the handle to a specific position.
  • When the handle points downward, the window is closed and locked; depending on the model, different European window models have different amounts of locking pins, with five being the standard minimum.
  • If you want to open the window, you can turn the handle 90 degrees into a horizontal position; this function works like a regular door, allowing you to swing open the window.
  • The third function is quite a life-saver in winter when you need to let in the fresh air; you can turn the handle another 90 degrees into a vertical position to open the window ajar from the top.

As you can see, the ingenious design of European aluminium systems allows you to use your windows in the most efficient way possible.

European Aluminium Windows Prices

Quality always comes first. European aluminium windows system come with advantageous qualities and an elegant design. Since different European aluminium windows have distinct features, their prices vary. Nevertheless, Elitetec's European aluminium windows prices list contains a rich collection of products for different budgets. This way, you can find the ideal product for yourself at a reasonable price and equip your home with high-quality aluminium windows models.
Nevertheless, considering the benefits of using a European window, the price will definitely be worth it. A significant advantage of European aluminium windows is their superior design, which allows you to keep your home ventilated even in the coldest days of winter. Thanks to these windows' top opening feature, you can leave the top of the windows ajar by merely turning the handle upwards. This small yet efficient feature eliminates your need to turn up the heating every time you ventilate your room. As a result, you will be able to significantly lower your monthly energy expenses while keeping your home fresh and warm. 

European Aluminium Windows Designs

European aluminium windows designs usually feature common characteristics. Most of these windows have a tilt-and-turn system and boast an elegant aesthetic. Here are some features of European aluminium windows:

  • European aluminium windows demonstrate the sleek European style. Their minimalistic and contemporary design adds an elegant touch to your living spaces. Thanks to their natural and cold colours, these aluminium windows fit any theme and décor.
  • The quality material of European aluminium windows makes them endure external factors and damages. The toughened glass and strong frame allow these windows to stand the test of time, providing lifelong use and satisfaction.
  • Another significant feature of European aluminium windows is their easy-to-control mechanism. By only turning a simple handle, you can activate one of the three unique functions of these windows. Most of these tilt-and-turn systems have a three-function mechanism: turn the handle downwards to lock, turn it 90 degrees to swing open and another 90 degrees to leave it ajar on the top. Some options, on the other hand, might have only two functions, excluding the top vent.
  • European aluminium windows are built with advanced sealing to provide better insulation properties. Their thick and well-designed frames also contribute to keeping the interiors warm.

What Are the Advantages of the European Aluminium Windows?

European aluminium windows come with various advantages and benefits. Some of them are:

  • Advanced security: European aluminium windows are the perfect option for providing a safe living space for you and your family. Thanks to the multi-lock system equipped with a minimum of five locking pins, opening these windows from the outside is nearly impossible. Besides, the tough glasses and strengthened frames used in their making improve the security of European windows.
  • Affordable prices: Although quality always comes first, you don't have to break the bank to get a good window for your home. Thanks to Elitetec's extensive European aluminium windows prices list, finding the perfect window for your budget is easier than ever. With our affordable European aluminium windows prices, you can start beautifying your living space today.
  • High durability: At Elitetec, we provide you with the most durable products on the market. In the making of our European aluminium windows, we use the finest quality materials and employ advanced manufacturing technologies. As a result, our European windows stand the test of time and offer lifelong use.
  • Cost efficient: With European windows' unique multi-function build, you can greatly reduce energy costs. When you leave these windows ajar on the top, they circulate your home's air without lowering the temperature. Therefore, you don't have to turn up the heating every time you ventilate your room.
  • Customisable: Customisability is a vital factor everyone should consider before deciding on the window they'll purchase. At Elitetec, we understand the importance of complete customisation and allow our customers to tailor European windows to fit their homes.

At Elitetec, we provide our customers with an extensive collection of European aluminium doors and windows. Our well-designed, practical home solutions are always here to improve your home's functionality and aesthetics. You can always contact us for more information about our products and European aluminium windows prices.

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