Residence, Highway 101, Ca

A contemporary masterpiece, this sufer's dream house along Old Highway 101 near San Diego was conceived and handcrafted by general contractor and dedicated surfer Mr. Ted Viola. In his opinion, REHAU was the only supplier in North America that could provide the premium-quality profiles necessary to manufacture windows and doors with the unique dimensions and curvatures he envisioned. REHAU’s versatile polymer extrusions allowed the local fabricator, Vinyl Window Corporation, to bring his dream house to fruition.

The 5,750 ft2 (534 m2 ) house has more than 50 REHAU window and door designs, some with glass custom-etched with sea life scenes by local artist Jay Hoyt Curtis. The house entrance greets visitors with imposing 10 ft vinyl doors. Radius windows large enough to frame Titian paintings span the entire beach façade of the house, offering spectacular 180° views of the coast.

No stranger to living on the beach, nor to building beach homes for others, Viola understood the need to plan against the corrosive effects of salt and sand spray. "Vinyl windows were a no-brainer. I considered nothing else," said Viola. "Using wood is just crazy because of all the maintenance, and with beach conditions, aluminum literally turns to powder inside of a year."

Encountering difficulty in translating his dream to reality, at last, Rod Menard, owner of Vinyl Window Corporation, found that REHAU could provide the custom extrusions necessary to complete this unique project.

Viola wanted a window design that would provide more than just a view. "People always install giant windows in beach houses," said Viola, "then realize they can’t open them to enjoy breezes. I wanted something where I could cool down the house but still have my view." REHAU’s answer was small awning windows under large picture windows, which, when ventilation is desired, capture refreshing breezes. "When the venting sashes are shut, however, the house is impenetrable. After I close up," says Viola "I can take a hose and spray down the entire house. Nothing leaks inside. Even the 10 ft doors have a ten-point locking mechanism. When the key is turned, the doors seal shut all the way around. You can hear the air suck out of the seams," Viola said. "It’s great for security too. You could never get that with a wooden door."

Technic Properties
  • ProjectPrivate Residence, Highway 101, San Diego, CA
  • ConstructionSingle-family residence, constructed in 2002
  • Scope of ProjectMore than 50 windows and doors
  • ArchitectScott Grunst
  • FabricatorVinyl Window Corporation
  • REHAU Systems UsedSystem 4500 windows and doors
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