Oklahoma County Courthouses

The Verdict Is In: REHAU uPVC Windows Improve Efficiency And Aesthetics Of Oklahoma County Courthouses

The county courthouses in northwest Oklahoma are large, stately buildings, many of which are more than a century old. Their historic value is appreciated and protected. Several appear on the National Register of Historic Places. Yet these structures must continue to serve their original purpose of housing daily government activities that keep their communities functioning.

With windows that were part of the original construction still in place in many of the courthouses, local officials wrestled with the buildings’ inefficiencies. Enter Jeromy Haines, president of Progressive Windows in Fairview, Oklahoma. In the past several years, his company has replaced the windows of seven county courthouses in northern Oklahoma, installing between 80 and 120 windows in each building.

The windows of choice for each of these projects: the REHAU System 600 double-hung or the System 4500 tilt-turn. Both uPVC window models offer versatile solutions for commercial remodeling projects. Haines says they are ideally suited for the high winds and extreme temperatures that are a fact of life in northwest Oklahoma.

The aesthetics of the System 600 closely matched the original look of the wood windows they replaced, while the System 4500 provided a streamlined look where a more modern aesthetic was desired.

“We love our new windows!” exclaims Blaine County Clerk Linda McPherson. “We had ugly blue windows that we could not see through to the outside. With the new windows, the outside is shining through to the inside. The look from the outside of the courthouse was terrible. We now conform to the original look of the courthouse 100 years ago thanks to the expertise of Progressive Windows.”

The noise abatement capability of the REHAU windows is one of the most appreciated features. “These buildings are in busy parts of their cities; the street sounds outside can really affect the ability to conduct business inside,” Haines says.

“Our courthouse is located a block south of double-line Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks that get a lot of traffic,” says Woodward County Clerk Ron Hohweiler. “The outside sound level has dropped dramatically with these new windows. We no longer have to stop a phone conversation while the trains roar by. In fact, we hardly hear them at all!”

Energy efficiency is another important benefit of the new windows. “The windows have made quite a difference in our heating and cooling bills, not to mention the comfort levels on both floors of the courthouse,” Hohweiler says. “The air conditioner runs a whole lot less than it used to.”

The courthouse maintenance crews are also enjoying the new uPVC systems because they require a fraction of the maintenance that the old windows needed. “Some of the old windows had four or more coats of paint on them. There’s only so much you can do after a while to try to keep them looking decent,” Haines says.

REHAU glazing options provide protection from heat and filter out sunlight. Haines says many of the courthouses also opted for a glass package that includes a self-cleaning coating on the outside that breaks down dirt or composites so the window cleans itself whenever water hits it, a welcomed feature for windows that are in high, hard-to-reach places.

Technic Properties
  • ProjectOklahoma County Courthouses
  • Type of ConstructionGovernment building, renovated since 2012
  • Scope of ProjectWindow replacement in eight courthouses
  • Window ManufacturerProgressive Windows
  • Systems UsedSystem 600 double-hung and System 4500 tilt-turn windows
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