7 Critical Information To Prevent Mold In Your Home

critical-information-to-prevent-mold-in-home-1-1680267925The ways mold can reach your home are through doors, windows, sinks, and vents, although mold can also enter your home through people or animals. are a very good solution for the mold problem. Molds sometimes appear in invisible places and areas that we call clean.

What Is Mold?

One of the forms that some fungus can produce is a mold. The fungi spread their organisms using spores. In most cases, fungi invade permeable construction materials, including wood, leading to mold formation in buildings. 
Numerous building materials, such as paper-covered drywall, wood products, wood cabinets, and insulation, frequently contain paper, or solid wood elements. While building inhabitants breathe in tiny airborne reproductive spores, similar to tree pollen, interior mold infestation can result in a range of health issues.

Mold Prevention Methods

To prevent mold, you need to keep the airflow in your home under control. Because factors such as temperature and humidity are effective in the formation and spread of mold. You can control situations such as humidity and air flow in the house through your doors and windows. Since the humidity and temperature in the house are constantly changing, we cannot talk about a constant level. The house must be ventilated. Your windows play an important role at this point. The window model and type you prefer in your home is your most important assistant to prevent humidity in your home.

  • Thanks to uPVC Top Hung Windows, your home will have a very different and stylish appearance, and you will not have to constantly control the air flow, temperature and humidity. Because these windows, which are known for their sensitivity to heat and light, protect you against most unwanted conditions such as mold. You need to pay attention to window cleaning. Be sure to wipe both the inside and outside of your windows. Thus, you will be free from dust and dirt and prevent mold or other fungi and bacteria from reaching your home. Elitetec offers you the most durable and leak-proof models, you can consult about the maintenance and cleaning of windows
  • The initial step in mold treatment is to stop the moisture source. If the afflicted products are easy to replace and not a component of the load-bearing structure, their removal may also be required for remediation.
  • You may be experiencing a problem of water leaks from ventilation gaps or roofs. This is a major cause of mold growth in the home. Review all of your home's plumbing and other infrastructure parts.
  • It is useful to check if the bathroom and toilet parts of your house or the places near these parts remain wet. Your house may be moldy in case of a possible wetting of the floor or wall. Take care to keep these areas dry.
  • When purchasing cleaning products, shop with the possibility of mold growth in your home. Mold inhibitor or mold remover products may come in handy at this point.
  •  If your carpets have been washed, let them dry completely. There is no need to be impatient or rushed. Even if the drying process of your carpets takes a few days, use them after making sure that they are completely dry. If the carpets that stay stuck to the floor all day are used damp or wet, mold formation becomes easier.
  • Like other systems, controlling the filters you buy for your home is aimed at the preventing mold growth. Thanks to the filters and fans, the air flow proceeds as it should. You should definitely pay attention to ventilation as molds will multiply even more in an airless environment.

If you notice mold growth in your home despite all your precautions, you can consult a specialist and learn what you need to do. We will gladly answer any question you may consult with us.

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