• Added Security

    Added Security

    Many burglars attempt to gain entry into a house by forcing open a window or door or by breaking glass. Window and door security is extremely important but inexpensive to administer. Inspect all windows on ground floor and check that no hinges and locks are loose and the frame is strong and free from rot or rust. It is also advisable to have locks on skylights or fanlights. Window locks visible from outside can also deter a thief, since the alternative involves breaking glass which can be noisy and difficult to pass. It is surprising that many people still do not take precautionary measures, and of course just any gadget can’t replace common sense, but our customers can take advantage of the new developments in technology to have the comfort and confidence in the knowledge that the quality and design of the locks and security mechanisms will serve them in good stead. Many of our clients were used to aluminium windows, but have found the locking mechanism deficient. The highest level of security offered by the manufacturer on most aluminium windows is a locking handle, but while it can meet insurance standards, it’s not particularly secure, it is the handle being locked not the window. The basic handle may not have good casting and will have a tendency to break under pressure or become loose from the frame. Similarly, with popular wooden casements, casement locks are screwed to the window rather than the frame – a weaker system, since casement windows, by their very design, need to be locked by securing the window to the frame. All our clients will have multi locks and/or double locking handles and/or hinge side security devices, where appropriate, for extra security. A selection of hardware items is tamper proof, anti-bump and even drill resistant. Our customers have found these measures very effective since they are notoriously difficult to break. For clients that are particularly concerned, our window and door units can be equipped with special security systems at an additional cost. Please advise us of your security requirements when you request a quote, describing the requirements and the application.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Corrosion Resistance

    Our double glazed windows and doors exceed expectations in many hostile environments that are not suitable for other types of materials. Due to the unique properties of uPVC, the frame maintains high tensile strength and modulus over a moderate temperature range, low thermal conductivity, and excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to a variety of aggressive substances. In general uPVC has good acid and alkali resistance as well as excellent vapour barrier properties and excellent UV resistance. uPVC frames provide many construction advantages due to the material’s inherent corrosion resistance, lightweight, ease of fabrication, and other labor-saving characteristics. In addition, uPVC frames are high precision and can be manufactured to a tolerable value of +/-3mm, which is ideal for demanding architectural applications. ELITETECH uPVC double glazed uPVC windows and doors will not absorb moisture more than 0.1 %, unlike timber windows and moreover, the uniquely designed weep holes and weather-stripping provide additional water resistance. uPVC is not vulnerable to water damage, or a humid environment, so it will not degenerate like wood. Water infiltration test shows NO WATER LEAKAGE for 15 minutes at 1500 pascal prior to passing the minimum 400 pascal requirement. The water flow rate under test conditions was measured at 0.5 x Litres/sq m . sec. Moreover, the uniquely designed drainage weep holes and weather-stripping system makes the our window system an excellent material against water infiltration.

  • Draft Proof

    Draft Proof

    f your room feels cold or draughty it is because air is freely flowing in through gaps in windows and doors. There are some practical steps that you can take without replacing your windows, such as purchasing heavy curtains to trap the air and insulate your home, but if the gaps in your windows are large enough, they may be letting in more than just air but also water, insects and using up your heating or cooling energy. Draughts are caused by cold air getting in or warm air getting out of your home and so dealing with the draughts will mean a reduction in your heating bills. Your home will feel more comfortable and temperature fluctuations will be reduced if you have our Double Glazed Windows and Doors installed. There are significant savings in electricity that will pay for your windows in 4-5 years and will reduce your CO2 emissions by about 100-150kg per year. For an indication of energy efficiency of a window or door, look for the U-value or R-value. U-value measures the overall heat transfer coefficient, or how well the window/door conducts heat and is also the inverse of the R-value. The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value. Our windows boast a value of 1.8, which means they perform three times better than an aluminium framed window with a typical value of 5.4-5.6. And since windows can contribute to between 15-40% energy loss in a building, installing the most energy efficient windows available should be the intelligent homeowner’s priority. Consider – would you purchase an air conditioner that can only ever operate at 85% capacity? 60% capacity? If your windows and doors are draughty then, effectively, that is what you are doing!

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Home » Benefits » Energy Efficiency Purchasing new energy efficient windows and doors can be a big investment. The good news is, with our Double Glazed uPVC Windows & Doors it’s an investment that is value added and can pay for itself in just a few years by: Improving appearance through curb appeal and increasing property resale value. Reducing heating and/or cooling costs, which save you money every year. Increasing the comfort of your home by reducing temperature extremes. What makes a window energy efficient? Choosing Low-E glass contributes to energy efficiency by deflecting heat to it source. Insulated spacers between the panes of glass reduce heat transfer and condensation. Low U-value (less than 2.0). Properly designed window frame helps minimize thermal transfer through the window. Window technology has improved dramatically in recent years with the result of giving all our clients an opportunity to benefit from new technology. Multiple layers of glazing is one way to improve energy efficiency of a window or door. Double glazing insulates almost twice as well as single glazing. Adding a third or fourth layer of glazing results in further improvement. Some of these windows use glass only while others use thin plastic films as the inner glazing layer. Thickness of air space is another important consideration because with double-glazed windows the air space between the panes of glass has a large effect on energy performance. A thin air space does not insulate as well as a thicker air space because of the conductivity through that small space. If the air space is too wide, however, convection loops between the layers of glazing occur. Beyond 25mm, you do not get any further gain in energy performance with thicker air spaces. The maximum possible airspace with our Double Glazed Windows and Doors is 24mm, which is used by combining 4mm and 4mm glass.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Environmentally Friendly

    We have shown our commitment to the environment through control and minimisation of the impact on the environment by working in a sustainable manner. We have embraced the continuous increase in efficiency at our manufacturing facility made possible investing in precision quality machinery and manufacturing software, which were instrumental in decreasing quantity of off-cuts and errors. Any off-cuts that remain, both profile and reinforcement are made into samples, which are supplied to architects, builders and trades people. We aim towards 0 profile and reinforcement waste at our facility every month. Any assembled windows and orders that were cancelled are given away for free to existing clients.

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Our uPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors will outperform aluminium or wooden framed windows on parameters of acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, safety and security and cost advantages. We have found the best combination of performance while being price competitive, to give you the best value for money. our double glazed uPVC windows and doors boast average u-value of 1.8, that is more than 3 times better than a standard aluminium window has u-values of 5.8; up to 45Rw acoustic rating when a standard aluminium or wooden window will only provide insulation to 35Rw; the air leakage was determined to be well below requirement for air-conditioned buildings of 1 litre/squared metre at 0.48 litres and 0.68 litres for inbound and outbound respectively; water penetration achievement of 1,500 Pascals for 15 minutes prior to passing the 400 Pascals penetration test, which is much better than ordinary aluminium and wood window results of 150-400 Pascals; the ultimate strength test was passed at 3,300 Pascals, while competitor aluminium windows have ultimate strength of 1,000 Pascals. The UV weathering test indicates that the German profile supplier we use, has passed the quality requirements in all properties in the application for hot climatic zones, with radiation of up to 180kcal/cm squared/a. Further test are being conducted in regions with global radiation of 200kcal/cm squared/a and the preliminary results are promising. The hardware on our windows and doors has also been tested at the equivalent of 10,000 operation cycles, and is high performing not only in terms of its reliability, durability but also safety and security. Because our double glazed windows and doors are subjected to additional stresses as a result of the extra glass weight in the Insulated Glass Unit, we can’t afford but only use the best heavy duty hardware from trusted suppliers. We can fit hardware for any application and you can benefit from free advice with regard to the specification and use of child safety devices, locks, restrictors, anti-vandal and security features.

  • High Quality Hardware

    High Quality Hardware

    We have selected the very best in intelligent & innovative window hardware from a variety of internationally renowned, high quality suppliers to offer our clients added value and reliability in the operation of our double glazed uPVC windows and doors. We typically use Roto, Siegenia-Aubi, Maco, Endow with majority of hardware primarily imported from Germany and United Kingdom. Even our basic range combines security, energy management, durability and comfort through careful selection of best performing pieces to ensure a trouble free operational life. Clients can also upgrade to another level of performance depending on their priorities or application from technology enabling the windows and doors to be opened and closed via a remote control to high traffic applications – our solutions are tailored to the client’s needs and budget. Roto hardware offers: integrated security right from the start, convenience and durability, easy installation. Their commitment to results backed up by global research, development and manufacturing resources, enables Roto to provide our clients with optimal solutions to meet their specific requirements, with the ultimate goal of linking security, energy management and convenience with each other. Roto is renowned for innovation and technically advanced system solutions in the professional world. Through a burning ambition to succeed, creativity, knowledge and ability, Roto have gained the confidence of architects, craftsmen and builders by offering branded products that deliver real benefits and advantages. Siegenia-Aubi is renowned for developing innovative products for demanding customer requirements with an emphasis at safety and a comfortable living environment. Siegenia-Aubi hardware is characterised by its high degree of operating convenience, long life and security. In addition, Siegenia-Aubi is exceptionally efficient for assembly for uPVC windows. Insertion and screwing of the hardware are independent of each other, making for flexible manufacturing. For this the groove claw brings about the positive fit of the component in the receiver groove, even before screwing on. The auto claw is fitted with a clamping plate made of stainless steel and insensitive to tolerances, and ensures that the hardware components are held securely. Maco are leading manufacturers of door and window hardware, designing and manufacturing hardware for over 60 years. Investing heavily in research and development and quality control, Maco manufacture over 2 billion components annually. Careful consideration of the security of property is key to providing an effective deterrent against potential intruders, Maco’s continuing innovation of such products ensure that clients will always be one step ahead in the fight against crime. Maco products undergo stringent industry recognised testing procedures relating to security and corrosion resistance.

  • Low Maintenance

    Low Maintenance

    We have been the premier choice for supplying new and replacement windows with an innovative range of low maintenance, high quality uPVC windows and doors to intelligent consumers who appreciate superior performance. Our Double Glazed Windows and Doors not only merely meet the minimum requirements of building standards, they exceed them with a large performance margin, and contribute to a long trouble free life. Low maintenance feature of our uPVC Double Glazed products is due to the inherent qualities of uPVC that make for ideal use as a frame material: durability, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, tensile strength, weather resistance. In addition, advances in science have allowed us to integrate UV protection that is necessary for the harsh South African sun, to ensure many years of attractive appearance. uPVC used for window frames is harder than wood and will not leak or rot unlike timber windows. The corrosion resistance of uPVC to most chemicals, but in particular salt – make them ideal for coastal applications, as an alternative to aluminium which is known to be easily damaged, not only the frame but the hardware, making them hard to operate. uPVC will never need to be oiled, chemically treated, sanded or polished. You may wish to clean the glass regularly with a glass cleaner, but not more often than you would otherwise have! The actual frame will not ordinarily require thorough, laborious cleaning (vandalism excepted). Common sense approach is sufficient for trouble free operation eg watch out for obstruction to operation such as leaves, debris, pebbles etc near the doorway or inside the frame; trees or construction materials that may scratch the frame; avoid children’s stickers or art and craft material on the frame. Ordinarily, we would recommend either water or a very mild detergent, for tougher stains, contact us and we can assist with an appropriate cleaning solution or method. Although it is fairly easy to remove foodstuffs, crayons or dirt, deep scratches are not easily fixed, so you should avoid this when moving furniture etc. We have designed our basic option of the standard white coloured profile to be the same colour outside as inside, so the scratches won’t be obvious. The profile is designed for a long lifespan, which extends beyond the standard industry warranties, and since it will never rot or corrode, it has proven to be much better as a frame material, than aluminium and wood. We use premium-extruded vinyl, which prevents the peeling and pitting of window frames, sometimes evident in cheap Chinese imports. The sloped design, waterholes and weather-stripping protect from infiltration of water and air. uPVC is also self-extinguishing and non-combustible, so it is appropriate for use in bushfire risk zones. Even our basic handle & lock secures the window at multiple points for improved security. In addition, our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices and our environmentally friendly credentials make uPVC double glazed windows and doors even more attractive to the green consumer. Low maintenance, energy efficient products will be the driving force of the building & construction industry in the future, so put yourself at the fore-front of new developments in technology and save the endless list of problems that have been known to plague users of aluminium and wooden windows! Windows made from wood are unfortunately subject to joint failure. The only effective preservative applied to frames was lead based, but knowing the dangers of exposure to lead, it is no longer used. Organic preservatives, although available are unstable, and while traditionally window joints were mortice and tenoned, where parts were soaked in lead primer then assembled, now they are glued. Wood is notoriously good at absorbing water, and together with joint failure results can be rotten and inoperable windows or doors.

  • Stylish Modern Design

    Stylish Modern Design

    For most great design is something that is aesthetically appealing at best and superficial at worst, but to us it is about creating strategic solutions and provokes new ways of thinking and feeling for architects and home owners. Too many times consumers deal with businesses whose original products do not match up to their services. This disconnection at its most basic, between a design and the services infects their people and even clients. When you buy our Double Glazed Windows and Doors, sure you’re spending marginally more, but you’re getting a sleek, innovative and practical design that matches the price tag and more importantly, a price tag that matches the quality of the product. Do not be afraid to combine a variety of window and door types for a spectacular effect, which can even become the main feature of your home. Consider hierarchy – although the windows and doors can be identical, they will have different degrees of importance due to varying size and position. Also, a contrast in scale can be effectively used to achieve variation and definition. Grouping several windows or doors or fixed panels together can form sub-groups, and when well organized can extend the appreciation of larger components, for a breathtaking effect. Bear in mind that by centering symmetry, you can enhance the visual focus.

  • UV Resistance

    UV Resistance

    Our double glazing windows and doors frames contain Polyurethane, these windows do not fade & crack when exposed to sunlight. You do not need to polish or paint them to have the protection from UV light.We only use quality extrusion that has been rigorously tested for UV radiation in harsh environments in desert or mountain conditions. The profile has been specifically formulated for South African conditions to thwart potential damage from the sun.Many of our competitors who neither understand the composition of the extrusion nor its performance will try and convince you that it will melt as soon as it’s exposed to sunlight. They probably equate the uPVC in window frames with the Polyethylene used for shopping bags. To date we are yet to receive a single complaint about melting and if you are still unconvinced we are prepared to offer you a test sample on which you can experiment to your satisfaction.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    Quality and commitment to our clients is part of our philosophy and this is what generates Value for Money for our customers. We recognize and understand the need to achieve the desired outcome at the best possible price and we see or clients as partners working to this common goal.

  • Waterproof


    ELITETECH double glazed windows and doors are constructed with the highest precision to keep out water during the rain, storms and even cyclones and have been used many times in marine applications, where their quality is heavily tested. They are far more waterproof than other types of windows as they don’t absorb moisture. uPVC Double glazed windows and doors will not leak (a common complaint of many owners of aluminium sliding windows) nor will they be damaged by water and rot (a potential problem with wooden windows) The profile system we use also offers long lasting, high quality gaskets, which won’t stretch or suffer from colour migrations, which enable the windows to withstand extreme wind and rain conditions. The system is also capable of accepting a variety of glazing options and insulated panel which enable thermal and acoustic performance criteria to be met, tailored to customer specification.

  • Soundproofing


    REHAU’s uPVC window profiles combined with double glazing leaves external noise outside so that you can enjoy a quiet life. Do you live in a great location? Close to good schools, restaurants, trendy shops and transport? Or maybe you have neighbours who entertain long into the night or constantly renovating with no end in sight? Or perhaps your teenage children have a penchant for playing loud music of the heavy metal genre and you do not share their taste? Have you caught yourself feeling that you just want to get away from the noisy and hectic atmosphere? Noise pollution is often overlooked as a serious environmental problem, yet it detrimentally affects the health of humans and animals. Research shows that continuous exposure to noise levels at or above 65 dB can increase blood pressure and stress levels measured by release of adrenalin in the blood. Exposure to high noise levels can also damage the delicate hair cells in your inner ear causing your hearing to deteriorate. Noise has also been found to cause headaches, migraines and gastric problems. Approximately 10 percent of people living in industrialized areas have substantial hearing loss and children in the USA have an impaired hearing at a rate of 250% higher than their parents and grandparents. Noise-induced hearing loss, though preventable, is permanent! When your sleep is continuously interrupted by noise (levels over 30dB can disrupt sleep) and you always feel tired and irritable, don’t take multivitamins or sleeping pills – get to the root of your problem: install Double Glazed Windows and Doors to eliminate the unwanted noise. It is no surprise that so many of our clients report a noticeable lifestyle improvement. Review the table below to check whether you and your family are at risk.

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